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"W-League Unveils Ambitious Organizational Revamp to Elevate Global Standing and Community Impact"

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

The Japan Women's Professional Basketball League, known as the W-League, has unveiled its new organizational framework in a recent announcement. The essence of this declaration can be encapsulated in the catchphrase "W for everyone," emphasizing the league's inclusive approach.


The underlying philosophy driving the W-League is to harness the diverse strengths inherent in basketball. This concerted effort aims to channel vitality, motivation, and bravery, thereby making substantial contributions to a society brimming with joy and positivity.


The league envisions itself as a global benchmark, aspiring to become "the league that sets the world's standard." This ambition rests upon achieving the highest echelons of competitiveness and fostering a perpetual spirit of unyielding endeavor.

Furthermore, the W-League aims to extend its influence as "the league that paints smiles across Japan." This objective is to be achieved by uniting players, spectators, and supporters in a shared mission.

Moreover, the league seeks to evolve into a "Well-being league," fostering the growth and well-being of individuals who participate in societal functions, ultimately enhancing their quality of life.

Visuals of the new statement

[Concrete Steps Toward Realizing the Vision]

  1. Introduction of a Dual Division System The W-League plans to institute a two-division system. This strategic move is designed to establish a "premier top league," characterized by consistently high-quality matches between teams of comparable skill levels, underpinned by equitable regulations. The ultimate aspiration is to craft a "Top League with prospects for expansion," by creating divisions that facilitate new entrants. This visionary concept is set to take form from the 2024-2025 season, contingent on the outcomes of the 2023-2024 season.

  2. Fortifying International Alliances The league is dedicated to reinforcing partnerships with overseas counterparts. This includes a strategic collaboration with the Women's Basketball League of Korea (WKBL). The aim is to consolidate international alliances that align with the initiatives taken in conjunction with the WKBL.

  3. Repatriation of Corporate Resources The W-League is committed to reclaiming corporate resources currently held by individual teams, thereby consolidating these resources within the league framework. This move is anticipated to enable impactful social contributions that are uniquely achievable through the collective efforts of the W-League, marked by its diverse amalgamation of corporate teams.

  4. Cultivation of Human Capital through Basketball An essential facet of the league's strategy involves the establishment of the W-League Academy, wherein basketball serves as a platform for nurturing human resources. Regular conduct of this academy will be a pivotal endeavor, complemented by seminars designed for teams and players. These seminars are geared towards preparing women to continue making significant contributions to their communities and society even after their competitive careers conclude.


Written By Ryoma Nakagawa

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