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About Us

We are sports nerds and fanatics...


Sports have had a tremendous impact on our lives and shaping our personalities.

Have brought us joy, frustrations and the realization that dreams can come true.

Developed friendships and comradery.

Now it's time for us to give back to sports...

The human being that shape the sports world have taught us that there are no limits.

In Japan there are two general ways to enjoy sports = Playing and Supporting

We believe that the fun opportunities are larger and virtually endless.


In the US sports are focused on increasing the entertainment and engagement aspects.

We believe that we can change and expand the definition of "playing" sports in Japan.

The value of sports participation will increase.

"Play Sports"

People who are not normally interested in sports should be intrigued by its collaborative powers.

What will sports teach us when more and more people become engaged?

We greatly look forward to the future of sports and hope you can all join our journey 


Company Name:

​Sporta Japan Corporation


368 9th Ave, NY, NY, USA

Foundation Date:

August 2018


Yusuke "Yu" Katoku

Sporta strives to create fun and new surprises in the sports world

We are general producers of sports entertainment with an emphasis on Technology


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Key Team Members


Founder / CEO
​ Yusuke Katoku

Keio University (LLB: Bachelor of Law)

Columbia University (Masters of Science)

2005-10: Keio University Athletic Lacrosse Club

Exchange Student at UNC (lacrosse manager)

2010-17: Mitsubishi Corporation

- International Business Development
- Oil and Gas; AI/IoT implementation

2018: Founded Sporta Japan Corporation

- desire to make sports more interesting through technology and data

- development of internal sports product

Shuhei Circle Shot.png

CRO + AI/ML Engineer
Shuhei Shimmyo

Keio University (Ph.D Engineering)



2005-09: Keio University's Kendo (4th Dan)

2011-17: Toshiba Corporation

- R&D for high-speed trains, power supplies

2014-17:Doctoral Program

- R&D of power electronics, haptics, robotics

2017-22: Founded Re-al Corporation

- Remote fishing robotics with haptic tech

Appointed as Assistant Professor at Keio U.

2022: Joined Sporta Japan Corporation 

- Technical Research, Product Development

- AI/ML head engineer

Nicolas Marotta_edited.jpg

Head of International Business

Nick Marotta

Macalester College (B.A. Economics)

Columbia University (M.S. Sports Mgmt)


2009-13: NCAA Varsity baseball athlete

2013-15: Investment Banking Senior Analyst

- M&A in Tech + Alternative Energy

2016-17: Marketing + Sponsorship Associate
- NFL Sports Agency

2017-18: Senior Business Analyst @ ESPN

- Ad Sales Strategy + Revenue Management

2019-22: Head of Strategy + Marketing
- Social Media + Influencer Marketing

2022: Joined Sporta Japan

Ador Bitaraf_edited.jpg

Sales & Operations Manager (Japan)
Ador Bitaraf

University of Hawaii (B.A. in Business)

2013-18:Overseas Sales Representative

- specialized trading company

- emerging markets

2019:Sporta Japan Corporation

- development and implementation of top

sports technologies in Japan

- fan engagement and event management


UI/UX Advisor
Jonas Grimfelt

KTH Royal Institute of Technology (M.S.C)

2010-14: Co-Founder & CTO @ Merchii

206-20: CTO @ Markable 

Full-stack engineer with experience at different tech companies, supporting AI-based e-commerce businesses and transportation companies. 

Market Research/Analysis

Jiwon Choi

Keio University (B.A.)

2020: Joined Sporta Japan with a passion for sports and technology, he participates in various business projects for clients of Sporta Japan.


He has experience in holding events with multinational companies at an international NPO, and also supports various online events for sports science and sports business organized by Sporta Japan.


Strategy Planner /

Basketball analytics and consulting

Jared Cramer

Harvard Lecturer

2005-09: Northwestern University,

Department of Economics and Mathematics (B.A/B.A.)

2009-11: Princeton University Faculty of Economics (M.A/Master's Degree)

2011-12: Princeton University, Faculty of Economics (Ph.D./Ph.D.)

Jackie Turof_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Engineering Manager

Jackie Turof

The City University of New York

(M.S. Computer Science)

2020: Call for Code at IBM

2021: Co-founder and CTO of Rebrandid, a high-end fashion resale platform


Head of Business Development in Japan
Kosuke Shimizu

Keio University (B.A. Economics)

2016-21: Joined Technology focused -department of Sumitomo Corporation,

engaged in agency sales operations and

venture investment operations for overseas vendors

2021-23: Joined dotD Corporation,

engaged in consultancy services to support

new business creation in the domestic automotive industry.

2024-: Joined Sporta Japan



Adegoke Joshua Oluwafemi

B.Tech Computer Science

MS Cybersecurity (in view)

2018-20: Joined Genesys Tech Hub as Engineer & Facilitator

Built solutions and facilitated internships as frontend team lead for learning

2020-22: Joined Siteat as Frontend Engineer

Built MVP for food ordering applications for sport venues

2021: Joined Zonado as Frontend Engineer

Built/managed one of the largest property management solutions in Canada

2022-23: Joined Common Identity as Engineer

Built/managed the sole Identity Management Solutions for Nigeria @(NIMC)

2022-23: Joined Evolve Credit as Frontend Engineer

Creating Fintech Solutions for the lending ecosystem

2023-: Joined Sporta Japan Corporation

スクリーンショット 2023-07-26 午後4_edited.png


Reiko Kato

​University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo (B.A.)

2015-18: Engaged in retail sales at a specialized trading company handling overseas apparel brands

2018-22: Joined Mercari, Inc.

After working as a general affairs in planning and executing internal communication initiatives, engaged in mid-career recruiting as a human resources. Involved in hiring for a wide range of positions on the corporate and business side.

2023-: Joined Sporta Japan

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