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ニック・マロタ(Nick Marotta) 氏、北米事業を進めるべく、同開発責任者としてスポヲタ社に参画


  • 米国スポーツメディア最大手ESPN社勤務

  • アメフト選手を専門に扱うスポーツエージェンシーに勤務

  • SNS広告事業で起業経験あり



ニック・マロタ(Nick Marotta ) 氏


具体的には、日本の経営者に対し、米国のスポーツ技術・マーケティング・メディア・スポンサーシップ・収益性など、ビジネス戦略に関するアドバイスを行うほか、スポヲタ独自のAI(Computer Vison)搭載アプリの主要な関係性の管理・パートナーシップの実行・成長戦略の構築を支援します。


  • ESPNの商業デジタル

  • TVメディア事業の管理

  • スポーツエージェンシーでのスポンサーシップ契約の獲得

  • テクノロジーのM&A案件の実行

  • インフルエンサーマーケティングプラットフォームの運営 など


  • マカレスター大学 経済学部卒

  • コロンビア大学にて理学修士号(スポーツマーケティング)取得

  • 2014-2015年:投資銀行部門シニアアナリスト(テクノロジー・代替エネルギー部門)

  • 2016-2017年:マーケティング・アソシエイト@NFLエージェンシー

  • 2017-2018年:ビジネスアナリスト@ESPN

  • 2019-2022年:共同創業者兼CMO@インフルエンサーマーケティング

  • 2022年~ :現在に至る






Mr. Nick Marotta participated in Sporta Japan as a head of development for its North American business.

- ESPN, the largest sports media company in the U.S.

- Sports agency specializing in American football players

- He has entrepreneurial experience in the social media advertising business, etc.

Mr. Nick Marotta has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Mr. Nick Marotta fully participated in Spowota to further develop Spowota's current North American business.

Mr. Nick Marotta will lead Spowota's business in the U.S. to work in collaboration with Spowota's representative, Yusuke Katoku.

Specifically, Mr. Nick Marotta will advise Japanese executives on business strategy, including US sports technology, marketing, media, sponsorship, and profitability, as well as management of key relationships for Spowota's proprietary AI (Computer Vison) powered apps, executing partnerships and growth strategies.

Mr. Nick Marotta is an experienced strategic marketer who has worked on a variety of marketing activities in the past.

- ESPN's commercial digital

- Management of the TV media business

- Securing sponsorship deals at sports agencies

- Execution of technology M&A deals

- Management of influencer marketing platforms, etc.

【Career of Mr. Nick Marotta】

- B.A. in Economics, Macalester College

- M.S. in Sports Marketing from Columbia University

- 2014-2015: Senior Analyst, Investment Banking (Technology and Alternative Energy)

- 2016-2017: Marketing Associate @ NFL Agency

- 2017-2018: Business Analyst @ ESPN

- 2019-2022: Co-Founder and CMO @ Influencer Marketing

- 2022- : Present.

【Comments of Mr. Nick Marotta】

Sports have always been a big part of my life and helped me improve my competitive spirit and strong work ethic.

Since my introduction to the sports tech field through NCAA College Athletics (baseball), my interests have continued to grow.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work at the intersection of sports + technology + strategy, a field I am most passionate about.

In the years to come, Spowota will continue to grow strongly and bridge the gap between the Japanese and U.S. sports worlds.

I am full of hope to be able to help in that effort from now.



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