Sporta Japan Corp.
US Office:
81 Prospect Street, Brooklyn,
NY 11201
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Revolutionize the "Entertainment" of Japanese Sports


To 'surprise' and 'excite' the Japanese sports scene through entertainment

Our vision is to create new pleasures in everyday life for many people by exploring and pioneering the ways to enjoy sports that the world has not seen yet.


​To 'connect more people' through sports



Our vision is to maximize the use of 'power' and 'enticement' that sports can offer, and to aim for a world where people all over the place can be 'connected'.

Our Services

Sports technologies/

Business development

sports writing


Meet Our Team

Yusuke "Yu" Katoku

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Judd Cramer
​Strategic Planning/Consultant

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William Squires

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Tom Richardson
Digital Media Consultant

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Yuki Sakata
​Japan Sales Director/
Business Consultant

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Takafumi Maeda
Sales Promotion

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Ador Bitaraf
North America/Sales Rep.

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81 Prospect Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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